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Who We Are


Advanced Data Management Associates, Inc. has broad experience in the Information Technology field, specializing in data management issues involving advanced, shared data architectures, Data Warehouses, data driven methodologies and CASE technologies.  ADMA consultants are proven leaders in business and data oriented analyses and development efforts that stress project planning, group facilitation and staff mentoring activities.  We provide clients with a broad experience in leading edge data management technology ranging from architecture to project management through delivery. 

Examples of consulting successes: 

Who are my customers and what am I selling to them?

A telecommunications provider had acquired multiple businesses – ISP, Cable, Long Distance and Local Telephone Service – in the same geographic area.  Services were provided by to the same customer by different units.  A data warehouse was developed to standardize and consolidate key customer information across the disparate databases.  This paved the way for a single billing system and enabled the cross selling of products and services to existing customers. The data warehouse enabled the sales and marketing groups to focus promotional programs and track sales growth.

 Why can’t I keep all the data in the same database?

The research arm of a pharmaceutical company had tried multiple times to consolidate testing data with moderate success.  New assays always resulted in additional programming and lost time.  By organizing a cross discipline group of research scientists, a logical data model was created capable of managing a broad range of research results data.    A metadata driven database was prototyped and subsequently implemented that allowed scientists to load research results data into one datastore that facilitates research.


What should my IT organization be focusing on?

Enabled senior business and IT management to plan for a new strategic platform that would eliminate large programming effort for new clients marketing programs.  The client, a large telemarketing company, which had grown dramatically through acquisition, required a plan to consolidate a multiple service offering and systems.  Using interviews and group sessions with senior management, an Information Strategy Plan that provided a 5 year strategy for redefining their IT direction.


I must support a new business venture. Quickly!

Aligned the business and development groups of a major life insurance company to address business directions and information needs for the organization.  Through a series of facilitated senior management planning sessions, a new venture to manage a national network of independent brokers was defined.  A set of data and functional requirements were defined from which a system was developed to recruit and contract brokers, facilitate the sales and underwriting process and integrate with existing legacy systems.  One senior manager indicated he had “never understood his business so well” as a result of the project and information Engineering based methodology.


I have great programmers but the database is usually an afterthought.

Developed a consolidated data model and database of telephone call rating data to support centralized management of real time telephone call rating through a series of analytical sessions.  The database was for a large telecommunications company that required a method of managing long distance and local telephone rates to facilitate rapid responses to changing markets.  It was the first database of its kind ever implemented in the company.


Why is there such a disconnect between the business and my IT group?

ADMA organized and led a “boot camp” training program that taught Information Engineering principles, analysis techniques and repository data management.  The approach enabled an insurance company to adopt a new development approach that better aligned the IT staff with business directions.  The culmination of the month long program was a Workshop that addressed actual business problems and provided core, computer generated prototypes that were expanded refined and put into production.


We’ve never build a data warehouse before.  What’s so different about it?

Developed the database design, integrated intelligent data warehouse software, selected end user tools and developed training material for a Fortune 500 company. The warehouse was in production within 5 months.  The financial area of the company required a data warehouse to consolidate product, cost, and supply chain data.  This was the first data warehouse project undertaken by the company. 



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